Why We Love Infographics

Have you seen an infographic lately? Not sure what an infographic is? It’s the visualization of data in a way that makes it easy to understand. Infographics go beyond pie charts and line graphs, they add a design element to the standard way of showing facts and figures – which makes the information that’s being communicated much more interesting and much more readily digested. Business news outlets such as Mashable and Fast Company use them quite frequently, and even the White House has utilized the power of graphic design to communicate information. read more Read more


The Process of Making Art

I was talking to one of our designers, James Graves, about cool videos he’d seen lately.  He directed me to a time-lapse video of the creation of a logo in Photoshop. I thought it was really interesting, because unless you’re a designer (which I am not – someday Photoshop and I will be friends…), you sometimes don’t realize all the work that goes into the bits of artwork in the thousands of ads we see every day.   read more Read more


Facebook Gets Another Facelift

If you run a Facebook brand page for your company and have logged in sometime since March 1, you may have seen a notice that your page will be undergoing a major formatting change at the end of the month. The Timeline format isn’t just an aesthetic change, it’s a fundamental shift in the way branded pages will function. read more Read more


Inbox Relief

Just a quick tip today for those of you with Inbox Overwhelmedness Syndrome. There’s a new startup on the block called that links up with your Yahoo!, AOL, or GMail to help you quickly sort through all the newsletter subscriptions you receive and unenroll with a few clicks from the ones you don’t want or need, without having to sort through your email yourself.  You can also group your newsletters into a single email called “The Rollup” that gives a summary of all your newsletter subscriptions.  That way, the bulk of your emails are tucked away from your inbox and you have just one to skim daily.

For me, this is a brilliant tool because I get so many emails a day, asking me to buy things, alerting me of a sale, giving me a rundown of new articles posted, etc. etc.  It’s hard to sort through it all to find the truly important stuff.

So if you’re in need of an inbox Spring Cleaning, is a tool to consider.