WMCFest – Have Passion

If there is one thing I brought back from Weapons of Mass Creation Fest (WMC Fest) it is: Have Passion. The 20 speakers all had one unifying message: Be passionate about what you love. I would have to say that Nova caters to that concept. I get to work on a lot of great creative projects with clients who love working with us. So I’m not one of those designers who go home creatively deprived. But as a company and as a design team we are always trying to better ourselves. I came back from Cleveland with some new arrows in my creative quiver, and with a rejuvenated passion for good design and creativity. read more Read more


Take that Millenials!

Everyone’s always going on about how connected the Millennials are. I agreed, having one of my own who’d probably love an iPhone with a pop-out fork to allow him to text and eat even more efficiently than his current two-handed method.

Imagine my amazement when I discovered that 52% of  “Connected Consumers” – according to a Zmags/Equation Research study – are 40-something women.  read more Read more


Beer & QR Codes

Whilst browsing the internet, I came across this case study by BBDO for a project they did for Guinness beer read more Read more


Why I love Pinterest so much I can’t stand it

This morning, like every morning for the last month it seems, my email was chock full of Pinterest advice. Normally, if a topic was saturating my email so consistently, I’d say “Enough already!”  BUT … I find a new reason to love Pinterest every day … and not just because of that adorable picture of the baby wearing a sock monkey hat next to a sock monkey. read more Read more