Tidy Cats Over The Rhine Billboard

Marketing Mistakes : Tidy Cats

Being aware of what others are doing in their marketing efforts is a great idea.  It can keep you abreast of new applications in technology, more effective means of communication, or interesting ways of presenting a message.  But sometimes, people screw up.  And when that happens, we can look at them as an example of what NOT to do.

Today’s lesson in what NOT to do with your marketing campaign comes to us courtesy of Purina’s Tidy Cats kitty litter brand.  They were running a campaign titled “NoMorePU“, which encouraged people to share the things in their lives that stink.  Great concept – as we all know there are plenty of things in life that are pretty stinky.  But Tidy Cats took it a little too far when they erected a billboard in the Cincinnati neighborhood of Over The Rhine… read more Read more


The Future of Technology

I often wonder what technology will be like in the future.  Technology is already a part of everything we do, and we’re already communicating instantaneously, so it’s hard for me to imagine how that might be further advanced. read more Read more


Tech Gadgets: Not just for humans anymore

While browsing Pinterest the other day, I came across this gem of a video.  If you thought tech gadgets had reached their full potential, well, this is something else altogether.

read more Read more


Why We Love Infographics

Have you seen an infographic lately? Not sure what an infographic is? It’s the visualization of data in a way that makes it easy to understand. Infographics go beyond pie charts and line graphs, they add a design element to the standard way of showing facts and figures – which makes the information that’s being communicated much more interesting and much more readily digested. Business news outlets such as Mashable and Fast Company use them quite frequently, and even the White House has utilized the power of graphic design to communicate information. read more Read more